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TBTK is a software development kit (SDK) for quantum mechancial calculations. The main part is an extensive C++ library of data structures and algorithms for setting up and solving problems on second-quantized form. It is intended to facilitate the development of completely new algorithms and applications that perform quantum mechanical calculations, as well as front ends and back ends to already existing packages to enhance reusability of code already developed in the scientific community. For more information, see the links below.

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Using TBTK to time C++ code

TBTK v1.0.0 released

Using TBTK to calculate the density of states (DOS) of a 1D, 2D, and 3D square lattice

Direct access to wave function amplitudes and eigenvalues in TBTK

Creating Models with complex geometries using an IndexFilter in TBTK

Retrieving the Hamiltonian from the Model in TBTK

Dynamically adjustable HoppingAmplitudes using callback functions in TBTK

Finite differences and second quantization

The band structure of graphene




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Implementation of exercises in the book “Quantum Transport: Atom To Transistor, S. Datta (2005)”


About TBTK

TBTK: A quantum mechanics software development kit (preprint)

Calculations performed using TBTK

Please let us know about your publications that are using TBTK and we will link to them from here.

Identification of topological superconductivity in magnetic impurity systems using bulk spin-polarization

Probing unconventional superconductivity in proximitized graphene by impurity scattering (preprint)

Majorana bound states in magnetic impurity chains: effects of d-wave pairing

Majorana bound state localization and energy oscillations for magnetic impurity chains on conventional superconductors

Probing chiral edge states in topological superconductors through spin-polarized local density of state measurements (code, preprint)

Disorder robustness and protection of Majorana bound states in ferromagnetic chains on conventional superconductors (preprint)

Impurity bound states in fully gapped d-wave superconductors with subdominant order parameters (preprint)