Second Tech strives to facilitate the transfer of quantum technologies from research labs to the engineering department. The aim is to gather useful resources, develop a community that collectively builds an open knowledge base around quantum technologies, as well as to provide tools that reduce the friction between researchers and engineers.

On second-tech.com you find resources and discussion forums related to quantum technologies in a broad sense. The sister site second-quantization.com provides documentation for the software development kit TBTK for second quantized models, which aims to aid the development of code for quantum mechanical calculations on an industrial scale.

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|0> to |1>: Why quantum technology is bound to rise.

You may have noted an increasing activity around quantum technologies in recent years. Giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Intel are jumping into quantum computing alongside the by now well established D-Wave and more recent startups such as Riggeti, Q-Ctrl, Zapata, etc., etc. The European Union recently launched its €1 billion Quantum Technology Flagship, …

Finite differences and second quantization

Most recent TBTK release at the time of writing: v1.0.3 Single-particle quantum mechanics is usually formulated using a differential equation such as the Schrödinger equation. The simplest way to solve this numerically is through the use of finite differences. While TBTK is designed for discrete problems formulated on second quantized form, this includes the possibility …


Crowdsourcing: I saw a tweet early last week of somebody that had built a chemistry lab modern in a gaming engine. If anybody knows the person, or you read this tweet, can you let me know? #messageinabottle #chemtwitter

Отказываясь от религии, все больше людей обращают свой взор на науку. Но вместо того, чтобы принимать её правила игры они возводят её в тот же статус единсвенно-правильной конфессии, убивая саму суть. Тут я хочу рассказать немного о теории естественный наук.

TBTK v2.2.0 released!

- Works with more compilers, including gcc 9+ and clang.
- Better build diagnositc related to python, numpy, and matplotlib.
- TBTKCreateApplication can now be used to initialize existing project folders. #Quantum #Technology http://www.second-quantization.com/

TBTK v2.2.0 released. TBTKCreateApplication has now been improved with a help section and the ability to initialize already existing folders. #Quantum #Technology http://www.second-quantization.com/

TBTK v2.1.4 just released. Now with improved build diagnostics to help identify whether python, numpy, and matplotlib is properly detected. #Quantum #Technology http://www.second-quantization.com/

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